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"If you don't have good structural engineering behind your piering system, then don't be lifting other people's houses with it."

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It has been said, “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention.” These words are as true in the foundation repair industry as they were when early methods of plowing the earth evolved from the moldboard plow of the nineteenth century,Stabil-Loc Pier to the roll-over plow of today. Rocks are of little consequence to today’s high tech farmer, while early farmers suffered from the effects of an outdated design.

The design of the old style bumper jack was comical at best, and sometimes flimsy and dangerous to deal with. But in its’ day, it was the best way to change a flat tire on a car. The obvious improvement was the floor jack. It was re-positioned directly under the frame of the car to be lifted. Stability and safety were achieved, and the bumper jack became a nostalgic anecdote.

Unfortunately, for most property owners with foundation problems, outdated designs are not a laughing matter. The old “eccentrically loaded” or “off-set” pier has proven itself unworthy of America’s hard-earned investment dollar, regardless of the perception created by a companies’ marketing program, or the reputation of the company doing the marketing. The strength of the company and their promise of a warranty mean very little, in this financial environment.

What does count is good engineering. Engineering that “makes sense”. Even the most untrained eye will look at the different methods of foundation repair, and types of piering systems, and choose the one that ‘makes sense”.

The future of the foundation repair industry is now here. It “makes sense”, and is available to the residential and commercial property owner at competitive prices.

The “concentrically loaded” Stabil-Loc foundation piering System is the strongest, deepest, most dependable method of lifting, leveling, and stabilizing a foundation in the American foundation repair industry.

Our method of providing the property owner a permanent solution has been independently engineered, independently tested for compressive load carrying capacity, and patented by the United States Patent Office. (Patent No.: US 8,206,063 B2)

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