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Patented Foundation Piers
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Stabil-Loc Certified Structural Evaluator

Every foundation repair service comes with a free Certified Structural EvaluationĀ®, a training program that turns contractors into authorized and licensed technicians.

Free Certified Structural Evaluation Before Repairs

Patented Stabil-Loc Foundation Piers

Our foundation piers were engineered to perfection. As we stand by our product and it's efficiency, every pier installation comes with a lifetime warranty- no questions asked.

Lifetime Warranty on Piers and Installations

Stabil-Loc Foundation Piering Systems

Stabil-Loc Foundation Piering Systems is the manufacturer of the patented Stabil-Loc Concentric Loaded Pier system. If you have a home (or any structure) that is settling or sinking our system is designed to ensure a permanent solution. Our foundation piers raise and stabilize virtually any structure. Our nationwide network of locally owned foundation repair contractors (certified by us using the specification and standards of our on staff Sturctual Engineer) ensures that you will feel confident that the job performed, is done right. All network members undergo rigorous training (on both the product specifications. applications and proper installation methods). These Certified Structural Evalutors provide project assessments, written customer feedback and recommendations for repair. Unlike other pier manufacturers we guarantee the product with a "manufacturer lifetime warranty". Our system differs greatly in the installation process, learn why now.

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Stabil-Loc Certified Foundation Evaluation
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Lifetime Warranty on Stabil-Loc Foundation Piers

Foundation Repair Services

Our foundation repair services are a means to provide the very best of structural realignment. Using our local foundation contractors in your area, we can make sure your investment is to your satisfactory. We have local reviews for our contractors throughout the USA that are trained under our Certified Structural Evaluation program for proper assessment of your home and project engineering for better results.

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Our Patented Foundation Piers

The Stabil-Loc foundation piers are a state-of-the-art system that has been engineered to withstand imense loads of pressure and weight from your home. No matter the soil conditions, our piers will remain unbreakable for a lifetime. Using advanced drilling and a different method for point of insertion these piles will never break and continue to support your home.

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